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An Evening For Hygienists

When: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Where: Hotel Indigo
Speaker: Edie Gibson
Topic: Smoking Out the Real Truth Exposing Adverse Effects of Vaping, Marijuana, and Other Addictive Drugs
CE Hours: 3
Lecture: 6-9:00pm
Fee: $25



This event is designed to be educational, but it is also a “Night Out” for Hygienists. Please be courteous to others and keep conversation down to a minimum during the program. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please keep Waco updated if you are not able to attend, so others may have an opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, October 27th for FUN…FOOD…DRINKS…PRIZES…&…CE!!


Smoking Out the Real Truth: Exposing Adverse Effects of Vaping, Marijuana and Other Addictive Drugs

Nicotine and marijuana are addictive substances.  With marijuana now legal in many states, and vaping become more popular everyday, a whole new set of issues for health care providers is evolving.  The oral and systemic adverse effects of these and other drugs including the damage that they can cause to vital neural pathways, needs to be understood.  This program will uncover the mysteries of these addictive drugs as well as the top five most common drugs of abuse, and expose the reality hidden by the smoke and mirrors.